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A modern integrated steel mill has following functions to produce primary steel products:

  • iron making (conversion of ore to liquid iron)
  • steelmaking (conversion of pig iron to liquid steel)
  • casting (solidification of the liquid steel)
  • roughing rolling/billet rolling (reducing size of blocks)
  • product rolling (finished shapes)
Related equipment

Steel mill is one of the industries automatic lubricator is very popular and prevailed because of various places that maintenance worker are not able to access easily. Due to its huge scale, a modern integrated steel mill are unmanned and fully automated. The length of conveyor systems carrying iron ore, coal (coke), and limestone usually reaches up to several kilometers. The steel mill equipment work under various conditions; like from extreme low temperature to high temperature, low speed to high speed, severely contamination by dust to humid environment by vapours. Bearing premature happens frequently due the failure of lubrication.

Some steel plants are small but has many rotational equipment for single point automatic lubricator such as conveyors, motors, tension bearings, etc.

Not only integrated steel mill is in greater need for automatic grease lubricator, but also mini mill with many rotational equipment is greatly beneficial from using automatic grease lubricator.